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Kewaskum Youth Basketball, INC. - FAQ Page

On this page you can find frequently asked questions that we have heard in the past. If you don't find the answer to your question here please feel free to ask us on our Contact Page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who may participate?

Any Kewaskum school district youth currently enrolled in 4th, 5th and 6th grades are eligible for our competitive league program. KYB also conducts basketball clinics for Kewaskum school district students in grades K-3 during the late Winter months. We are also active in working with various district youth during the off-season through tournament play and in hosting open gym. Sign up forms for most functions are available through our web site and at the various school offices within the school district.

What are the League Fees?

League Fees are $60.00 for the first participant and $50.00 for all subsequent family member participants living in the same household.

What are the Uniform Fees?

Uniform Fees are $30.00 per Jersey and $30.00 for Shorts. Please Note: Both jersey and shorts are required.

What is the Kewaskum Youth Basketball Mission Statement?

Kewaskum Youth Basketball Inc. is a non-profit, volunteer organization that was created to enhance, coordinate and develop a complete basketball skills program for students within the Kewaskum School District. This teaching-based program is founded on a philosophy of: Team Work, Cooperation, Providing Opportunities, Having Fun, Skill Development, Physical Fitness, Fair Play, Family Involvement, Volunteer Leadership, Determination and Hard Work.

What is the Kewaskum Youth Basketball Coaching Philosophy?

Our basic philosophy will consist of teaching basic basketball skills as a foundation for a successful Kewaskum Varsity basketball program. This is a teaching-based program first and foremost, highlighted by age and skill appropriate competition.

The coach’s role is by far the most important one in this program. All of our coaches and staff members are volunteers. They are the ones who are in direct contact with the players and parents most often. Their actions, statements and attitude will have a direct impact on the player’s development, attitude and training. Their actions and attitude will also be a direct reflection of our community. Remember that players often play and do as they are taught by the examples of their coaches. Often times the lessons learned in sports have a direct impact on how they develop as adults. These “athletic lessons” often become, “life lessons”.

This organization is based on teamwork, cooperation, fair play, family involvement, volunteer leadership, physical fitness and to provide opportunity. You will note that it does not mention scoring, individual statistics or the margin of victory. This organization does not emphasize these things and if these items are critical to you, then I suggest that you look elsewhere. This does not mean that winning is harmful or that the spirit of competition does not exist. These are all integral parts of any sporting event. We are merely stating that our emphasis is to be placed on teaching teamwork, determination, hard work and basic basketball skills. In other words, teaching first and winning second. We will set attainable, positive goals for each team. We do not judge the success of a coach or a team by their win/loss record. We judge their effectiveness by the number of players that want to continue on, by all of the skills they have learned and the amount of fun they have all had together as a team.

What are the KYB Coaching Objectives?

  1. To teach young athletes the skills and love of basketball.
  2. To help the children have fun, with control and per the rules.
  3. To put winning in perspective. Striving to win is very important, but winning isn’t everything.
  4. Teach the importance of teamwork. Together Everyone Achieves More.
  5. Develop positive attitudes about fair play. Players should learn to respect their teammates, opponents, officials, coaches and themselves

How often do you practice?

Practices are usually held twice a week at various school gyms within the Kewaskum school district. Practices will vary in length from 1-2 hours based on gym availability and on the opinion of the coaches. All league players are required to purchase a KYB uniform consistent with the other players on their team. Uniform fees are approximately $50.00. League fees are also approximately $50.00.

Players and parents must agree to abide by the rules established by the league and by the KYB Code of Conduct. If a player or parent does not abide by these rules, they can be permanently removed from participating at the discretion of the coach and/or a KYB Board member.