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Fond du Lac Area Basketball League Player Eligibility

These are the official Fond du Lac Area Basketball League Player Eligibility rules that Kewaskum Youth Basketball adheres to and follows.

Rules Regarding Player Eligibility

  1. FDL AREA LEAGUE is to be made up of: School or youth club teams, NOT, ALL -STAR TEAMS.
  2. Teams must be made up of players from 1 School, Club, or Community. Players must play for the club, which represents their school, with the following exception. (Rule#3)
  3. A player who goes to school in one community, but has a parent or guardian living in the community, which has a club in which they wish to play on they may be allowed to do so.
  4. Players can only play on 1 team with in League play.
  5. Clubs that have enough players to have 2 separate teams at any grade level, can not allow players to play on both teams, and cannot combine teams for games including the League Tournament. Teams may practice together and be coached by the same coach, but must remain separate for League play.
  6. Players may play up a grade, which is sometimes necessary because of numbers, but can only play on 1 team for League play.
  7. Players are never allowed to play down a grade.
  8. Teams found in violation of these rules will forfeit any games where violations occurred, and may give up their right to participate in any further FDL AREA LEAGUE games or tournaments.
Remember the philosophy of the FDL AREA LEAGUE is base on fun and participation, so give all your players a chance to play.