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Fond du Lac Area Basketball League 4th Grade Rules

These are the Kewaskum Youth Basketball and Fond du Lac Area Basketball League rules for the fourth grade teams. The rules are set by both the WIAA and the Fond du Lac Area Basketball League and are to be obeyed in all games played by Kewaskum Youth Basketball.

Fourth Grade Rules

WIAA rules will be followed with the following exceptions:
  1. 3 minute pre-game warmup.
  2. Four 10 minute quarters - running clock.
  3. Clock will stop on all whistles in the last 2 minutes of the 4th quarter.
  4. Clock will NOT stop in last 2 minutes if one team leads by 15 points or more.
  5. Clock will stop for timeouts and injuries.
  6. In the last minute of the game, the clock will not start until ball passes half court.
  7. Half time will be 3 minutes.
  8. Each team is allotted 3 full timeouts per game
  9. 2 minute overtime.
  10. If no winner after 1st overtime period the game will end in a tie.
  11. Clock stops on all dead balls during overtime.
  12. One additional timeout allowed per overtime period.
  13. The free-throw line will be 13 feet.
  14. Man to man defense must be played. No Pressing allowed.
  15. Double-teaming is allowed when the ball is in the lane or when a player is attacking the basket.
  16. Sagging or helping is allowed in the lane if the ball is on one side of the court and a defensive man’s person is on the other side of the court.
    Example: a clear out for one player or if a team runs picks to one side of the court and sends players opposite as decoys. The defensive team must not be penalized for playing good man to man defense if the offensive team has players who are not involved in the offensive play.
  17. Switching is only allowed on ball screens.
  18. Bonus on 7th foul double bonus on 10th foul.
  19. Technical foul will result in 2 two points and possession for opposing team.
  20. No protests allowed. Referee’s decision in final.
  21. Head coach is allowed to stand unless instructed to sit by an official.
Players,coaches and fans please practice good sportsmanship